About Us

Who We Are

e-Procurement Technologies Limited (ETL) is India's leading Procure-to-Pay solution & Services provider. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, the company was established in the year 2006. Significant to the name, we offer end to end procurement process enhancement solutions. ETL, as a parent company caters to three main segments: Government and Public Sector Enterprises, BFSI and Corporate Sector. We aim to provide simple, unique and effective software solutions for procurement management and excellence. The company is known by its domains catering to specific procurement needs of the market.

  • ProcureTiger
  • AbcProcure
  • AuctionTiger
  • TenderTiger
  • CertificateTiger

Fuelled by young team of 500+ professionals who are passionate about just one thing Procurement Automation. We believe in constantly striving to improve, evolve and expand its base globally.

About ProcureTiger

ProcureTiger caters to the procurement process optimization and enhancement needs of the corporate sector.

ProcureTiger is the market leader providing on demand categorized and customizable Procure-To-Pay suite with flexible business models that serves best to the client's need. We provide solutions and services that add sustainable value to the client organization as a whole.

Help your organisation to
  • Optimize procurement process that will improve client organization's bottom line and increase efficiency
  • Lead to more efficient sourcing - quality goods and services at best competitive prices

Our Procure-to-Pay suite and spend solutions have been used for enabling more than a Million successful transactions. Our flexible business models allow our clients to choose from multiple off the shelf services and targeted solutions. Our core competency lies in providing simple, effective and customizable support and implementation services to our clients.

Code Of Conduct

E-Procurement is governed by various International & Nationals rules & guidelines. We believe in providing quality and security to our customers hence we follow the World Bank Procurement Guidelines, CVC guidelines, PWD procurement guidelines, and IT Act 2000. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and our software department is appraised at CMMI Level 3. ETL is the first company in India to get ISMS 27001 certificate for catering to e-Procurement domain, as per International norms.

As per the Information Technology Act 2000, India for any digital transaction to be considered legally valid, it should be digitally signed using a valid digital certificate issued by a Licensed Certifying Agency. The following activities are Digital Certificate based on ProcureTiger e-Procurement platform:

  • Authentication of a user
  • Signing of digital document
  • Encryption of digital documents
  • Secure transmission of documents using 256 bit SSL connection

Keeping the security concerns of our clients in our mind, we follow the IT ACT 2000, India.

Guiding Principles

Simple yet effective

We provide procurement process assistance with simple to use solution that benefits the clients in most effective manner. We believe in providing tangible results by solution that is simple to use for sustained efficiency and high-impact results.


We believe in doing the right thing; it begins with our employees and extends to our clients through our solution and services. We commit to deliver in a fair and ethical manner by adhering to our ethics on client's data security and management. We have proved ourselves to be trustworthy and reliable when it comes to client's internal company details. Integrity for us has always been about complying with the rules and regulations and not compromising on the product, solution and services we offer.

Focus on Quality and Security

We adhere to the procurement guidelines devised by the multilateral development banks like ADB and World Bank to ensure highest level of transparency & security all the time. Our organization is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and we follow IT ACT, 2000, India that ensures and keeps the organization and suppliers data confidential.

Customer Centric

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our organization. We invest ourselves entirely in our client's success. We believe in delivering extraordinary value for creating strong bond with our clients year after year. We appreciate customer feedback and attain to their unique needs to serve them best.


Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) allows more productivity and better solutions. We believe that a team meet its goals, delivers quality and builds strong collaborations efficiently and effectively when there is open communication and mutual respect among peers.

Why Choose ProcureTiger?

15+ Years Experience
Customer Centeric Approach
Drives Savings and ROI

ProcureTiger has an unrivalled experience of 15 years in the field of e-Procurement. Leveraging on our experience, we provide seamless and superior Procure-to-Pay process implementation and enhancement services.

Being customer centric, we believe in delivering extraordinary value for creating strong bond with our clients year after year.

Gain better visibility on your category spend, improve supplier collaboration, increase compliance and rein in cost savings through our automated procurement solution and services.